Going the Extra Green Mile
Going the Extra Green Mile

Power companies have a responsibility to take customers with them on the energy transition journey. EnergyAustralia is determined to travel towards a low-carbon future in step with its customers and is connecting with them through a new brand campaign. 


By Mark Brownfield, Chief Customer Officer, EnergyAustralia


Customers of major power companies expect them to show leadership in the energy transition – lighting up the road ahead in a way that works for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind.


That’s why, at EnergyAustralia, we are determined to lead by making energy better and cleaner. And instead of just talking about creating a greener tomorrow, we are actually doing it today.


To highlight how we are advancing the clean energy transition in Australia, we recently rolled out the “Doing, Not Just Dreaming” campaign. This follows the release of our Climate Change Statement last year, through which we made a commitment to phase out coal by 2040 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.


We have already announced the early retirement of our coal-fired Yallourn Power Station by mid-2028 and made commitments to pumped hydro, battery and gas projects designed to enable more renewable energy to enter the system.


Turning the spotlight on people

As we transform our generation portfolio and invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is our people who are making this happen. It was important to us that our people showcase our accomplishments, and we are proud to see them starring in the campaign. 


The campaign provides an overview of the types of technologies that will underpin the future energy system, including Tallawarra B – Australia’s first carbon-offset hydrogen and gas power station, scheduled to go into operation in time for the 2023/24 Australian summer.

Employees and customers are among the stars in the new campaign.
Employees and customers are among the stars in the new campaign.


It also highlights our large-scale battery storage projects such as the Wooreen Energy Storage system, which will be the biggest battery in Australia and one of the largest in the world with a 350MW capacity when it goes into operation by the end of 2026.


Watch this video to find out more about EnergyAustralia’s latest initiatives to provide cleaner and more affordable energy.


Taking customers onboard

As we commit to deliver cleaner, reliable and affordable energy, the campaign highlights that it is a journey we undertake with our customers, respectfully and responsibly. 


Our Go Neutral programme featured in the campaign has more than 440,000 residential and commercial customers opted in, allowing them to cancel out emissions from their energy use.


It is the largest Climate Active certified offset offering in the Australian energy sector and has so far offset more than 2.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – equivalent to taking over 870,000 cars off the road for an entire year.


The campaign also turns a spotlight on our partners at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, the first major stadium in Australia to run on 100% renewable energy in a demonstration of how it’s possible to reduce carbon emissions while keeping energy costs low.


The Melbourne Cricket Ground is bathed in green light to celebrate its switch to 100% renewable energy.
The Melbourne Cricket Ground is bathed in green light to celebrate its switch to 100% renewable energy.


Leading a greener future

Navigating the energy transition is no longer optional but imperative for energy companies, as we seek to enhance engagements with our customers while driving growth with new businesses.


For example, through our solar and battery offers, we are helping more customers take control of their energy use with no upfront payments. More than 40MW of rooftop solar panels have been installed for use by our customers. We are also active in large commercial and industrial solar, high efficiency LED lighting installations and exploring storage solutions through our ownership and ongoing investment with Echo Group.


In addition, we continue to support customers big and small through reliable and increasingly cleaner supplies of electricity. We’ve been doing just that with Australian households and businesses like Gelato Messina stores, which feature in our campaign.


Together with our people and our communities, we can drive the clean energy transition forward and power a sustainable future for the benefit of generations to come.