Making Playtime Electrifying
Making Playtime Electrifying

A new CLP E-Playground offers a new dimension in learning for young people curious about the electricity that powers their daily lives.

Electricity drives modern society. However, it’s so embedded into our everyday lives that young people often take electricity for granted and pay no attention to the science behind power generation.


Learning about electricity doesn’t have to be boring. Imagine if there was a fun and insightful way to find out about the power journey – from generation to transmission, distribution, and use of electricity. 


That’s what CLP is seeking to achieve in the first quarter of this year as it launches Hong Kong’s first energy-themed playground: The CLP E-Playground.

Making wishes come true 

The new CLP E-Playground is an extended youth engagement initiative arising from CLP’s successful Engineer in School programme and comes under the umbrella of a five-year sponsorship arrangement from 2019 with the NGO organisation, the Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP).


Set in the rural outskirts of Tai Po in the New Territories, the CLP E-Playground is a five-minute walk from the famous Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, which attracts crowds from across the city and overseas during the Lunar New Year holiday.


The CLP E-Playground occupies the second-floor rooftop of the newly-renovated HKAYP Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp, and offers a wide range of games and interactive installations for visitors aged 10 and above to learn about energy, engineering, and environmental conservation.


Its location means that, as well as visiting the CLP E-Playground, guests to the training camp can also take part in other diverse activities such as farming, glamping, and rock-climbing.

CLP E-Playground
The CLP E-Playground is on the rooftop of a training camp site and surrounded by lush greenery.

Adding an artistic touch 

The playground was built by CLP together with a number of partners, including the HKAYP and teams of Hong Kong artists who helped give it a splash of colour and creativity.


XCEPT, a Hong Kong-based cross-disciplinary creative studio, designed the key parts of the CLP E-Playground. Its founder and creative director, Chris Cheung, believes the venture will be a visitor attraction as well as an education resource.


 “There is a lack of avenues for people to learn and gain experience through games and interaction,” he says. “I believe the CLP E-Playground will become a new attraction in the area, in addition to the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.”


Island Origin, a creative organisation based in Cheung Chau, produced a neon light signage, not only providing a great photo-taking opportunity for visitors but also cleverly capturing the essence of the CLP E-Playground.

CLP E-Playground neon-light sign
The neon-light sign is an Instagrammable photo spot for visitors.

Games without frontiers

The CLP E-Playground features games related to power generation. Ping Pong 360 is a table tennis game, which visitors play through a huge tube instead of the usual rectangular table. This demonstrates the concept of a natural gas transmission line as a way to send natural gas from Mainland China and overseas to Hong Kong. 


Power Challenge features a two-sided magnetic wall on which visitors can build their own hydropower systems by connecting parts with magnetic pipes to form a customised path and activate turbines on the wall. The game teaches players about the principles of pumped-storage hydro power.

Ping Pong 360
Ping Pong 360
Power Challenge
Power Challenge

Visitors can then learn about the challenges of electricity generation and understand the importance of energy saving by riding the Power Fan bikes. Pedalling the bikes generates electricity to power the fans, meaning that the faster they pedal, the cooler they feel.


In a tribute to the nearby Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, CLP has created an Energy Vision Tree in the atrium of the playground where visitors can learn about solar and wind energy. Instead of asking visitors to write down wishes, they are invited to write down their ideas for energy saving on pieces of paper and hang them on the tree, contributing to CLP’s vision of a “Clear Blue Sky” for Hong Kong. Visitors can press Wishing Pillars on the tree to trigger light and sound effects for an enhanced experience.

Power Fan
Power Fan
Energy Vision Tree
Energy Vision Tree

The CLP E-Playground is just one leg of an extensive knowledge journey through Hong Kong’s power sector. CLP provides a comprehensive range of educational initiatives for young people from kindergarten pupils and school and university students to young working adults, offering them lifelong learning and career opportunities in a fast-evolving world of energy generation and sustainability.